Pay-per-click advertising has many advantages over marijuana SEO.

http://www.marijuanamarketinggurus.comThe marijuana industry has become incredibly competitive over the last couple of years.  For example, if you live in Denver, CO, you see a marijuana shop of some kind on just about every corner in the city.  Since the market is so competitive, marijuana companies are beginning to look for inventive ways to market themselves.  Although many companies have chosen to advertise in local papers or other outlets of that nature, companies will get more bang for their buck by advertising on the Internet.  In today’s world, people spend more time on the Internet than they do reading papers, and the Internet provides a much larger possible audience.  There are numerous ways marijuana companies can market online.  Two of the most common are known as PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising and marijuana SEO.  PPC advertising has many advantages over marijuana SEO.

It is first important to understand what each of these strategies entails.  PPC advertising refers to all of those little advertisements that you see scattered across various websites on the Internet.  When a person who is browsing a particular page sees an advertisement that is interesting to them and they click on it, then the company who placed the advertisement pays a small fee to the website.  In other words, companies only pay for the advertisements if and when someone clicks on it.  Marijuana SEO is an entirely different thing.  It refers to the practice of trying to make sure that your company comes up higher on search engines when people search specific keywords that are related to the marijuana industry.

PPC advertising has several advantages over marijuana SEO, and is a crucial aspect of any marijuana marketing strategy.  First, PPC advertising can raise the visibility of a specific marijuana company much faster.  When you practice marijuana SEO, you will typically have to wait a significant amount of time until all of the techniques aimed at raising your status on search engines plays out.  Once you are on the first page, then everything is great, but it will take your marijuana company a varying amount of time to get there.  In contrast, once you pay for PPC advertising, your company will immediately pop up on various pages.  The amount of visibility your company will get will be immediate and large.  Another great aspect of PPC advertising was mentioned above.  You only have to pay for the advertisements once people click on them.  In other words, you can gain a great amount of visibility without ever paying anything if no one clicks on the ads.  Just because they didn’t click on your ad doesn’t mean they didn’t see your company name and could become customers down the road.  Even when people do click on the advertisements, the return on investment is about 200%.  That means that for every dollar your marijuana company invests, you will get two dollars back.  It is for all of these reasons that pay-per-click advertising is one of the most common forms of marketing for marijuana companies, even often ahead of marijuana web design.

What is a marijuana app?

marijuana appThese days it seems that the state of Colorado is known for two things: awesome skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and marijuana. The first has been a widely known asset to the state for many decades, but the latter is relatively new. In the November 2012 state elections, Amendment 64 was on put on the ballot which if passed would allow for the recreational use and sales of marijuana across the state. To the surprise of many, the measure passed in a land slide and Colorado would go down in history as the first state in the union to legalize recreational marijuana use. The changes that would follow would have a profound impact on the state’s economy as well as its culture. After loads of paperwork, a million hoops to jump through, and much anticipation, the first recreational marijuana dispensaries opened their doors to the public on January 1st, 2014. In the beginning there was only a small handful of recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city of Denver and people traveled from all across the country to stand in the long lines and wait for hours on end in order to experience legally buying recreational marijuana for the first time in their lives. Since then many more recreational marijuana dispensaries have opened up all across the state. There is a high concentration of recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city of Denver, but they can be found scattered throughout the state as well. In Denver in particular, recreational marijuana dispensaries are not hard to come by. It seems that there is one on practically every street corner in some parts of the city. In fact, in some neighborhoods it may be easier to find a recreational marijuana dispensary than it is to find a coffee shop.

As more and more recreational marijuana dispensaries continue to open their doors throughout the state, competition between dispensaries has become very stiff. What makes a person choose to go to one dispensary over another? It is a convenient location? Quality of the product? Or the fact that the dispensary is offering a special deal or coupons? It is likely to be a combination of the three things, but with so many to choose from how does one decide where they want to purchase their next bag? Thankfully, Canna Cash has developed a marijuana app for your smart phone to help make that decision as easy and convenient as possible.

A marijuana app is an application that you download on to your smart phone that can provide you with up to date information about most of the marijuana dispensaries in your area. The app can tell you which dispensaries are the closest to your current location, which ones are available for recreation use, medicinal patients, or both, and provide you with an overall rating of each dispensary. In addition, the marijuana app can provide you with information about which strands each dispensary is currently selling and what type of high each strand will give you. The app can also tell you about any special deals or coupons that a dispensary might be offering.

How to take on your marijuana marketing

Everyone selling marijuana today needs to look too the Marijuana Gurus.  With new laws in place allowing certain states to be able to sell marijuana there are new rules that are allowing people to also market their product. By being able to sell marijuana many people are making a great business for themselves. It is opening up new doors of possibilities for those who are in the market. Many people have become experts on many different types of marijuana that is available in the marketplace today. Being able to expand this market is going to play a large part in what marijuana marketing can do for you. When many people decide they are going to go into business for themselves they are usually very good at what they do. It may even be a particular interest that they have in the business. Many business owners of those who sell marijuana have been experts for some time in the field.

But in order to sell that product it does not always mean that you are an expert at being able to advertise your product.  This is why being able to have somebody to work with on marketing your marijuana can be an important part of being able to sell it properly. When it comes to the marijuana gurus you want to be able to have somebody who can market your product. Marijuana web design can sometimes take a special craft beyond what the craft of being able to know and how to sell your product may be. This is why hiring or outsourcing to somebody who is familiar with web design marijuana SEO and how to sell the product to read your best clientele through the Internet can really pay off.  Knowing that you can have the best of both worlds being able to be knowledgeable in your industry while being able to properly market your product can really payoff to be able to make money being able to do what you love. If you are somebody who is in the field of marijuana and wants to be able to market your product more successfully you want to be able to look to the marijuana gurus who know how to help you market properly to ensure that you were getting your name out there to as many possible people as you can.marijuana web design Being able to market your product will increase your business and your revenues. This will help you to be able to make more sales generating more money and allowing your business to grow as you are looking to do so. When it comes to any type of retail or sales being able to sell more products always results in being able to drive more income in.  Being able to have a good marijuana web design that’s going to allow you to stay within boundaries and laws of your area is also an important part of being able to properly market marijuana to the public who is allowed to be a part of those to get to purchase it. Keeping your business protected by proper marketing is also important aspect for any business. Proper marketing of your product allows you to be able to sell the product and increase business legally and efficiently.

Ask any business owner today and you’ll find out that they found a noticeable transition in sales as they were able to have proper marketing on the web available to them and available to the public being able to generate more sales for them. Today we are in a day and age where no business can afford not to be on the web. You must be able to have a good marketing choice for you on the web to give your business the proper advantage that it needs to be able to reach potential customers and be able to properly market your business. This is why you need to be able to have marijuana gurus who are able to get you the marijuana marketing that you need for your project. If this has become your industry of choice make sure that you get the web design that you deserve to be able to market your product successfully and properly.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division sets regulations that cannabis testing companies rise to meet.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) is a organization that enforces strict guidelines around the growing and distributing of marijuana. In addition to that, they are the company that started the stringent requirement for all edibles that are being sold at a recreational marijuana dispensary to undergo additional sample testing for each batch that cannabis testingis made. The tests are homogeneity tests were required to begin on Monday July 14, 2014.  These tests are put into place for the safety of clients, of course, and the security of the growers, manufacturers and distributors. CannLabs is a marijuana testing company that has been in the cannabis testing business for many years prior to the legalization of recreational marijuana. A company that is widely regarded as an expert when it comes to cannabis testing they are set and ready to implement the new Colorado state testing regulations on edibles.

In fact the new regulation states that in twenty percent of the product only ten percent of THC may be present. While there have been very few deaths related to THC, them being related to someone injuring or killing themselves because they were so stoned, there is still a risk there that MED wants to minimize and hopefully eradicate completely. Marijuana arguably is one of the softest intoxicants that one can engage in recreationally and of course medically and yet there is still a place for ensuring that those statistics remain as low as possible. The homogeneity testing is a practice that is statistical by nature and assumes that the various parts of one data set will match up with any new product that is being tested. This ensures that all products that are being tested will line up with each other. This is an efficient means of measuring data and percentages. Using statistics they are able to glean whether each batch of edibles will match the new Colorado regulations that were put into play on July 14, 2014. CannLabs breaks down the homogenity testing by explaining a retailer will submit two different product from one batch that they can test to ensure all of the batches remain congruent with overall standards.

Testing for marijuana potency is something that CannLabs specializes in. Trusted and highly regarded by media sources such at The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal, they are able to implement these testing strategies that promote wellness in the recreational marijuana industry field. CannLabs has the potential to meet the needs of any new regulations. The president of CannLabs, Heather Despres, has stated that they are ready to meet these regulations by increasing their employee base and hours to ensure that all standards are not only met but exceeded. CannLabs over allgoal is to make sure that everyone who consumes cannabis will do so safely. A leader in the cannabis science field there is no wondering if they will be able to keep up with the booming cannabis industry. CannLabs will be on the forefront and able to always meet new state regulations head on

Some Denver Area Dispensaries Offer Cannabis Deals.

CannaCashWith the legal cannabis industry as thriving and far-reaching as it is, it is not surprising that the business has gotten competitive.  Every dispensary and marijuana club is striving to get the best, most diverse, and most reasonably-priced products, in order to stay one step ahead of their competitors.  As you can imagine, this much competition can be very good for the consumer.  That being said, since you are now living in a world in which you can buy your cannabis from one of several legal retail establishments, you can more easily shop around, to compare prices.  If you are smart, you might just walk away with quite a steal.  One good Denver area dispensary is CannaCash.  They have a rewards program, in which you can exchange points for money off your future CannaCash purchases, and they have a bunch of other cannabis deals.  If you go to the dispensaries even somewhat frequently, this can pay off very quickly.  They take their craft seriously, and their customer service representatives, or bud tenders, as they are often called, know their products well.

One of the big factors that sets CannaCash apart from many other dispensaries, other than the generous rewards program, is the fact that they offer so many different options.  This applies both to how to access their services and to the products they offer.  First of all, in terms of how you can interact with CannaCash, there are a ton of different options.  For those who want a membership, so they can receive discounts and rewards, you need to simply sign up online.  You can also download their marijuana app, which enables you to access this same information and service from your iPhone, smartphone, or other portable device.  While a membership is not required to purchase cannabis, in Colorado, it is still a good idea to obtain a membership with a weed club, like CannaCash.  After all, the selection is extremely diverse, and, perhaps even more importantly, you will get far better marijuana deals that way.

As for the products themselves, CannaCash will not disappoint.  They have a wide array of recreational marijuana products, including excellent indoor-grown sinsemilla, in many of the most desirable strains.  As many in Colorado know, one of the greatest benefits of living in a state with legal cannabis is the fact that so many different strains and products are available.  Not only that, many dispensaries will tell you the genetic makeup of various strains they sell, so you can pick one that is right for you.  If you know that Indica strains make you too sleepy, you can avoid them, selecting strains that are heavier on the Sativa side.  Inversely, if you like the ultra-relaxed high of Indicas, you can certainly find something to suit your needs.  Personally, I prefer sticking to the middle, genetically speaking, but to each his own.  In addition to various strains of cannabis, they also have a variety of different concentrates.  Plus, you an use your marijuana dispensary rewards on concentrates, like oil, bubble hash, wax, and shatter.

Cannabis rewards app offers perks for loyal customers

The recession of 2008-2009 and subsequent struggle to recover left Colorado with a tightened budget. Add in the fact that Colorado is legislatively required to pass a balanced budget each state fiscal year, and there were some tough times and unfortunate cuts during the recession and certain cuts have continued even as the state has recovered. Budget cuts do not always or necessarily get restored following restoration of revenues, and some programs have still not been made whole, for a variety of political and economic reasons. The unemployment rate is down, and Colorado in particular has one of the most promising economies in the country with one of the lowest unemployment rates and one of the most business friendly environments. Doing better than average is par for the course for Colorado, which is a state that is always figuring out how to improve and make things better for its residents.

One of the biggest changes in the most recent fiscal year that has helped Colorado make even more progress on its budget front is the legalization of recreational marijuana use. It has led cannabis dealsto the growth of a variety of other types of business as a result, and increased the number of jobs available to Coloradans as well. Because it directly conflicts with federal law, the state has developed innovative banking cooperatives to allow for marijuana dispensaries to function properly within the new state law. These cooperatives provide jobs and a way to legally tax and regulate marijuana dispensaries, thus adding more tax revenue to the state’s budget. Law enforcement in Colorado is able to focus their time and energy on more serious issues such as crime, and a variety of different retail models are developing in response to legalization as well.

One of the models taking hold across Colorado is CannaCash, a marijuana dispensary rewards program that invites retailers and customers alike to participate in a joint rewards program. As a retail outlet of marijuana, a dispensary who participates in the marijuana app program gets their name and location out to more clients. By offering discounts and rewards to regular customers, the marijuana dispensaries also encourage repeat business and develop loyal customers who also pass along a good word to their friends and families. As a customer, there are a variety of cannabis rewards that can be earned, such as discounts and perks at your favorite participating retailers. The CannaCash app is going to be widely available soon, and is expected to grow quickly in popularity. By participating early on, you can be sure that as a customer you are taking full advantage of the cannabis rewards opportunities that are out there. The marijuana dispensary business is getting larger and larger with every passing day, and there are a lot of different opportunities to engage with retailers for rewards, promotions, and other perks. The more you visit the same retailers, the better your rewards will ultimately be, and you will have access to more rewards and more retailers than you would without the app.


You don’t have to look back in history very far to get to a time when cannabis testing was still in the stages of its infancy. Each year means new possibilities for cannabis testing arise, as old laws start to be removed or revised and the doors open for more and more freedom in the cannabis industry. Just within a certain state, there are so many variations on cannabis laws and articles added onto cannabis laws every year that large cannabis labs have hired special lawyers whose only job is to keep the company up to date with where they stand on legal issues. Trying to understand the issue on a national level is nearly impossible. One thing about the cannabis industry is that it is growing as fast as any other business in the United States and it is changing faster than the fashion industry. So, what is new right now in marijuana testing?

The most important advancement for those who work in cannabis has been the recent involvement in the scientific community in the affects of cannabis. On some level, cannabis has always worked hand in hand, either in the development of new types of seeds and plants or in the way in which cannabis is grown to optimize its potency. It is however, a relatively new development that the scientific community has started to take such an interest in testing humans who consume cannabis. Why is the world of science so interested in the affects of cannabis all of a sudden? To put it simply, the money has started to roll in. Some twenty years ago big drug companies began to consider cannabis as a possible area of development for future products and testing, but only now did those companies start to take an aggressive interest in marijuana. Since the laws that have stopped people from making and testing the drug are disappearing so fats, the companies are moving as quickly as they can, in order to get their hands on a slice of the legal distribution of cannabis.

As soon as the big drug companies began to throw money into research and testing programs, there was a huge influx in the number of scientist who wanted to work in the field of cannabis development. Naturally, the drug companies tend to pay very well and as more and more scientists entered the work force, it created a snow ball effect. Soon, there were more than enough scientists working in cannabis science to expand research efforts and undertake new projects with marijuana in almost every level of the game.  The world was learning amazing new things about a drug that had been around for thousands of years. The more that was learned about marijuana, the more money came into the programs to try and learn more. The scientists were sitting on a goldmine of knowledge, while the drug companies were sitting on a more literal goldmine. This was when the world of cannabis research was finally kicked into high gear and since then it has not showed any signs of slowing down.

Cannabis test sample collection businesses are opening now.

A major factor in the legalization of marijuana has been the ability of state governments to regulate it and control access to only those who are legally permitted to buy and sell cannabis.  Among the usual issues of partially restricted substances like tobacco and alcohol such as making sure that only people who are of legal age are able to buy it and that only licensed businesses are able to sell it, cannabis has the additional issue that it is easy to produce on your own with very little equipment (indeed, all you need to do to have some is grow some plants).  Therefore, it could happen pretty easily that a given cannabis shop is selling marijuana that is either from an illegal supplier or that does not meet the standards for it set out by the state government (either situation would carry with it legal action, anything from a simple fine to potential criminal proceedings depending on exactly which part of the legal code was violated).

marijuana test sample collection

marijuana test sample collection

Colorado is handling that particular issue by having sellers submit samples of their wares to be tested by the state government to check that it falls within acceptable parameters.  In order to fulfill the need created by that decision to test samples, new companies are starting to come into existence that are specialized in marijuana test sample collectionIn simple terms, these test sample collectors are companies that have bonded couriers who are specially trained in cannabis test sample collection that go to the various licensed marijuana sellers in an area, obtain samples of the cannabis that they have for sale, and then bring it to the state laboratory to be tested.  This way there is a full and legal chain of possession for the cannabis samples, and there is a minimized chance of having any of the cannabis samples being tampered with.  Ultimately, the system should work in favor of everyone.  The state gets to regulate the quality of the cannabis that is being sold without creating a new bureaucracy that the taxpayers need to pay for, the sellers of the cannabis get to have the peace of mind that their sample collection is being carried out by trained professionals, the cannabis test sample collection companies get to make a living providing a needed service, and the consumers get to have the safe, quality cannabis that they deserve.

A number of these companies – such as CannaRabbit, who are poised to become the first fully state approved cannabis test sample collection company in Colorado – are also in the business of marijuana delivery.  This is exactly what it sounds like.  For a minor fee, they will bring legally obtained marijuana directly to you.  Of course, you still need to be of legal age in order to have cannabis delivered.  However, there is a lot to be said for having a company that specializes in all manner of cannabis transportation, especially in terms of reliability and experience with shipping the product.  And, of course, you never have to leave home!

Medicinal Marijuana And Edibles

There were so many ways to capitalize in the new, legal medicinal marijuana business. Dispensaries everywhere, were looking to stock their counters with a variety of weed, edibles, concentrates and THC-infused soda. This was just the beginning and if I was able to find a niche and establish a loyal customer base, maybe I could make it long-term in this business. I didn’t have a lot of experience with any facet of the business, I had made weed brownies and cookies several times but it was with butter provided by a friend. I was told that the process was pretty easy, the main thing was getting high quality trim from someone who grew good weed.medical marijuana I knew a lot of people in the business now who were growing and I was pretty sure that they weren’t doing much with their trim, I just needed to find the best growers so I could make the most potent butter possible from their trim. Yes, I think that edibles are definitely the way to go, I looked up the process online for making it and it was going to be easy. Once I nailed down a perfect recipe for some snicker doodles or chocolate chip cookies, then I could sell them to dispensaries everywhere. I’m sure that I would need to get a legal license to do so but doing some research and development in the meantime wouldn’t be a bad idea, it was time for me to start sifting through all of friends to see who had the best trim.

Medicinal Marijuana Could Help Get Us Out Of This Recession

When this country slipped into a recession less than ten, short years ago, we could have come together and decided that we could and should literally “grow” our way out of it. Some States came to that conclusion in time to help themselves with the increasingly difficult financial times. It wasn’t just people that were hurting, the economic down-turn affected even the local governments, tax revenues were running low and their budgets were slashed. Colorado, for example, recognized an opportunity and began to take steps to take advantage of it. Many parts of the country were hurt worse, economically speaking, than Colorado but they apparently were hurting enough that they decided to put amendment 64 on the ballot and it passed. The sales tax generated from the legal sale of medicinal marijuanamedicinal marijuana was going to fund primary education, a place that recent budget cuts were particularly unkind to.

Several years later the people of Colorado and Washington State voted in a measure that effectively legalized marijuana so that it could be taxed and regulated like alcohol. There were obviously other provisions, but that was the general gist of it, in early 2014 there will be retail establishments in both States selling marijuana to people 21 years of age or older. So, you won’t even have to posses a medical marijuana card anymore by that time in order to legally purchase weed. Millions of dollars of tax revenue has already been created in only 3 short years and primary education is beginning to see the money roll in.