Cannabis test sample collection businesses are opening now.

A major factor in the legalization of marijuana has been the ability of state governments to regulate it and control access to only those who are legally permitted to buy and sell cannabis.  Among the usual issues of partially restricted substances like tobacco and alcohol such as making sure that only people who are of legal age are able to buy it and that only licensed businesses are able to sell it, cannabis has the additional issue that it is easy to produce on your own with very little equipment (indeed, all you need to do to have some is grow some plants).  Therefore, it could happen pretty easily that a given cannabis shop is selling marijuana that is either from an illegal supplier or that does not meet the standards for it set out by the state government (either situation would carry with it legal action, anything from a simple fine to potential criminal proceedings depending on exactly which part of the legal code was violated).

marijuana test sample collection

marijuana test sample collection

Colorado is handling that particular issue by having sellers submit samples of their wares to be tested by the state government to check that it falls within acceptable parameters.  In order to fulfill the need created by that decision to test samples, new companies are starting to come into existence that are specialized in marijuana test sample collectionIn simple terms, these test sample collectors are companies that have bonded couriers who are specially trained in cannabis test sample collection that go to the various licensed marijuana sellers in an area, obtain samples of the cannabis that they have for sale, and then bring it to the state laboratory to be tested.  This way there is a full and legal chain of possession for the cannabis samples, and there is a minimized chance of having any of the cannabis samples being tampered with.  Ultimately, the system should work in favor of everyone.  The state gets to regulate the quality of the cannabis that is being sold without creating a new bureaucracy that the taxpayers need to pay for, the sellers of the cannabis get to have the peace of mind that their sample collection is being carried out by trained professionals, the cannabis test sample collection companies get to make a living providing a needed service, and the consumers get to have the safe, quality cannabis that they deserve.

A number of these companies – such as CannaRabbit, who are poised to become the first fully state approved cannabis test sample collection company in Colorado – are also in the business of marijuana delivery.  This is exactly what it sounds like.  For a minor fee, they will bring legally obtained marijuana directly to you.  Of course, you still need to be of legal age in order to have cannabis delivered.  However, there is a lot to be said for having a company that specializes in all manner of cannabis transportation, especially in terms of reliability and experience with shipping the product.  And, of course, you never have to leave home!

Medicinal Marijuana And Edibles

There were so many ways to capitalize in the new, legal medicinal marijuana business. Dispensaries everywhere, were looking to stock their counters with a variety of weed, edibles, concentrates and THC-infused soda. This was just the beginning and if I was able to find a niche and establish a loyal customer base, maybe I could make it long-term in this business. I didn’t have a lot of experience with any facet of the business, I had made weed brownies and cookies several times but it was with butter provided by a friend. I was told that the process was pretty easy, the main thing was getting high quality trim from someone who grew good weed.medical marijuana I knew a lot of people in the business now who were growing and I was pretty sure that they weren’t doing much with their trim, I just needed to find the best growers so I could make the most potent butter possible from their trim. Yes, I think that edibles are definitely the way to go, I looked up the process online for making it and it was going to be easy. Once I nailed down a perfect recipe for some snicker doodles or chocolate chip cookies, then I could sell them to dispensaries everywhere. I’m sure that I would need to get a legal license to do so but doing some research and development in the meantime wouldn’t be a bad idea, it was time for me to start sifting through all of friends to see who had the best trim.

Medicinal Marijuana Could Help Get Us Out Of This Recession

When this country slipped into a recession less than ten, short years ago, we could have come together and decided that we could and should literally “grow” our way out of it. Some States came to that conclusion in time to help themselves with the increasingly difficult financial times. It wasn’t just people that were hurting, the economic down-turn affected even the local governments, tax revenues were running low and their budgets were slashed. Colorado, for example, recognized an opportunity and began to take steps to take advantage of it. Many parts of the country were hurt worse, economically speaking, than Colorado but they apparently were hurting enough that they decided to put amendment 64 on the ballot and it passed. The sales tax generated from the legal sale of medicinal marijuanamedicinal marijuana was going to fund primary education, a place that recent budget cuts were particularly unkind to.

Several years later the people of Colorado and Washington State voted in a measure that effectively legalized marijuana so that it could be taxed and regulated like alcohol. There were obviously other provisions, but that was the general gist of it, in early 2014 there will be retail establishments in both States selling marijuana to people 21 years of age or older. So, you won’t even have to posses a medical marijuana card anymore by that time in order to legally purchase weed. Millions of dollars of tax revenue has already been created in only 3 short years and primary education is beginning to see the money roll in.

Create cannabis coupons without getting in trouble

weed couponsI am seriously considering moving out of Colorado. I cannot stand the constant reminder the marijuana is a legal substance. It truly drive me and my husband up a wall. I just don’t understand how the state of Colorado can declare marijuana a legal substance, but it is not federally recognized as such. Do you see what I mean? Take for example a federal court house. Would you be able to smoke pot on federal property in Colorado? Technically, marijuana is federally illegal, so would you get in trouble if you smoked or possessed it on Federal property?

Additionally, since marijuana is federally illegal, the marijuana vendors cannot have bank accounts because banks are federally regulated in the United States. So, how can you be sure that the money isn’t being used for other illegal activities? Furthermore, how are the weed vendors able to create cannabis coupons without getting in trouble with the federal government for discounting a drug? It doesn’t really make sense to me. I mean, I suppose the only thing that I could understand is if the weed coupons keep the same tax rate on the marijuana. That a way the state is still getting its tax revenue from the product, and the profits come out of the vendors pockets (literally because they can’t have bank accounts). At any rate, I’m just fed up with the whole marijuana problems. I’ve seriously thought about moving to a different state where I don’t have to worry about my kids getting a hold of weed coupons when they are hanging out with their friends. Additionally, I don’t want someone to purchase marijuana with those weed coupons and give the weed to my kids. I just really worry about the safety and security of my children’s innocence.

Dispensaries are a dime a dozen in Denver

Because so much of our time is spent thinking about the medicinal marijuana impact on the people that we are prescribing these things to, I think that it is important that we all think about this sort of thing more often. I know that I am one of those people who thinks about things way too often. I also think that there are a lot of people who work with the way that we are thinking about this sort of thing. I know that there is a lot of things that can be said about the way in which we are all going about living in this new world where things like marijuana would probably want to be legal and taxed and we need to concentrate on the best way that this sort of thing would need to happen. I often hear about the fact that there are a lot of unfunded mandates and that means that the government wants you to implement something that is really hard to do but you will not have any extra money to do that sort of thing. I think this is really unfair and that people should not have to participate in this sort of thing if they do not want to. I know that I am thinking about moving forward with developing more information about this sort of thing and so I am really thinking about maybe wanting to start my own dispensary and I really think this is a good idea.

medical marijuana

The Future of Medicinal Marijuana

Marijuana legislation continues to be at the forefront of many discussions. Medicinal marijuana is being used throughout the country to be able to treat people. Medicinal marijuana is being used and can be found dispensaries in many areas that have legalized the drug. Because of its legalization dispensaries have become able to open and operate and to sell medicinal marijuana to those who suffer from health issues that they wish to treat. Although some other drugs are available on the market today that allow pain relief people choose this one is their choice because of the strength and intensity that it has.  medicinal marijuanaThere is a natural high that comes from use of marijuana and it gives people the heads up there looking for to be able to find relief from chronic pain. Some people even enjoy using marijuana as a way to gain relief from an average day. Whether it is going to be for those only who have medical needs are those who choose to use it as a recreational drug as well as up to the states to decide. Legalization legislation is at the topic of many states today. Deciding what is best for your state will require you being part of your legislation as well as making sure you give your opinions to your legislators. Dispensaries give this option today for those the bed made illegal. And you can now get a quicker and faster than ever before. Also it is a good idea even for those who do not choose to partake of the medicinal marijuana to be able to be a part of the conversation it may be more beneficial to even the People who do not use marijuana as a way of relieving cases that caught up the system due to its use.

Going to the Best Dispensary

Medicinal MarijuanaAre you looking for the best dispensary within the Colorado area? You might be amongst the masses who are beginning to get legalized marijuana, but being able to find the best place to go to to ensure that you can get the most quality cannabis is something that is can be very tedious. However, there is one company out there that is well known for their cannabis and many people go to them. Patients choice of Colorado is the patients choice for the best medicinal marijuana out there. Many people love this company because they are very beneficial for you and they are also helpful. Not only is the cannabis of quality, they have a wide array of options for you to choose from. Their varieties are amongst the widest of the cannabis community and this means that you have more options for yourself to really find the one that fits your needs. Though it may not seem like it, certain cannabis is going to be more effective than others depending on your body. Everybody’s body takes cannabis differently and different types of cannabis are also taken vastly different. That is why is up to you to figure out which one is can be ideal and this company will help you choose that. There employees are very well rounded and they understand how many patients feel after they take specific ones. However they will always let you know that each one will have a different effect on your body than what they might be telling you. Start off with something basic and the start to play around to different types and you might find yourself having some the best medication out there.

Patients Choice

2251 South Broadway

Denver, CO 80210

(303) 862-5016

Why do you use marijuana?

I am an avid cannabis user, and my personal reasons for loving this fair and stately plant are diverse.  Many people say, “You just want to be high and lazy,” and I am sick of hearing it.  Let’s go over the reasons why I personally choose to use cannabis, none of which have to do with ‘getting high and being lazy.’

1. I use cannabis because it reminds me how beautiful life is, while eliminating my sensations of irrational boredom, anxiety or lonliness.

2. I use cannabis because it is much safer for my body than alcohol for recreation.

3. I use cannabis because the diverse array of flavors and highs make exploration and curiosity grow with each new taste.

4. I use cannabis because it is an activity I can enjoy with my friends, and we have weed coupons now.

5. I use cannabis because it enhances my enjoyment of music, art, writing, conversation, food, sex and any other activity I can think of.

6. I use cannabis because it eliminates nausea and other digestive problems whenever my stomach is in pain.  I do not have a chronic ailment, but medical marijuana isn’t just for chronic disease.

7. I use cannabis because I want to, and that is the only reason you should even consider.

What I put in my body does not affect you unless you decide to harbor ill will towards me for my decisions.  When I can watch my authority figures make fools of themselves under the influence of alcohol on a weekly basis, it is shameful and disgusting.  If those same authority figures were professional gardeners who grew and smoked their own herbs, I don’t think there is one shameful or disgusting thing about that.  We all have different reasons for using cannabis, and all of them are equally valid.


Institute of Medicine “Admits” Certain Symptoms are Mitigated by Marijuana Use

The campaign, battle, and the lobbying for the legalization and decriminalization of medical marijuana continue. Even with several states in the United States already passing legislation allowing the limited cultivation, dispensing, and use of medical marijuana, the federal government has still not amended the Controlled Substance Act. The said act still lists medical marijuana as a controlled substance.

medical marijuana

Due to the lack of federal legislation or regulations allowing the use of medical marijuana, a lot of patients suffering certain debilitating ailments and disorders cannot access the said substance.

According to the Institute of Medicine, however, there is still basis for criminalizing the use of medical marijuana. Run by the United States National Academy of Sciences, the Institute, made those conclusions after it did a “comprehensive” study to assess the purported health benefits of medical marijuana and/or its compounds. The study was done in 1999. The study, however, also states that anxiety, loss of appetite, nausea, and pain, can be abated with the use of the substance. But, despite that admission, they still concluded that medical marijuana is “unsafe” due to the manner it is generally administered: smoking.

As previously discussed in an earlier post, certain other types of administration have been popularized. Medical marijuana can be inhaled through a vaporizer wherein only needed cannabis compounds are used through inhalation after extraction.

Edible medical marijuana is also available to be used as an ingredient for baking. It is, then, ingested. It has even been touted that in this form, the effects are longer lasting.

Most medical marijuana dispensaries, however, still sell the substance in its form that apt for smoking.

Best dispensary in Denver


Ever since the state of Colorado legalized the use of medical marijuana, I have been on a quest to find the very best dispensary in Denver. I started in the southern part of the city and worked my way North, knowing full well that this combing method would definitely turn up the dispensary I was looking for. I went into this search not knowing what to expect from a dispensary but I knew what I was hoping to find, the trick was discovering one that met my expectations. Many of the shops I went into failed to meet my checklist right off the bat when I walked through the door. If I get more than five steps through the door before I am greeted and greeted warmly, I feel unwelcome and that is a bad starting off. That tells me my questions and “nagging” will be unwanted as well and that I won’t get my questions answered. It’s my health we are talking about so I take this very seriously. The dispensary I eventually settled on is called Patient Care of Colorado. From A to Z you cannot find anything wrong with this place and believe me I have gone through it with a fine toothed comb looking for some. I was recommended a sativa strain because I was told it would be more of a body effecting feeling and it would keep me awake and alert if I needed to get tasks done throughout the day. They care about me as a person and recommend what I need.